Most people tend to pick pretty traditional vacation spots when deciding upon where to go for their vacation away from their Toronto home. The most popular options seem to be countries such as Italy, Australia or France, very hot locations that have beaches such as Puerto Vallarta, or cities that have tourist landmarks such as Disney World or Niagara Falls.

Here are some horse vacation resources:

If you're in the midst of planning your next vacation and aren't really sure of where it is exactly you want to go but don't want to pick a place that will be full of tourists then may we suggest planning a vacation to a dude ranch?

Dude ranch vacations are a wonderful undertaking if you're a fan of horse riding and re-living the old Western saloon days of cowboys. Dude ranch vacations that take you away from your normal world you live everyday even if you've never been horse riding before. Why is that?

Well, try to picture a world that is full of open vistas, fresh air, exercise, horses and hearty meals. Now, imagine that world for as many days as your vacation is. Doesn't that sound appealing to you? Vacationing at a dude ranch means being away from the outside world and not having to worry about your job. All you have to do while staying at a dude ranch is pick out a horse you want to take you galloping across the gullies and the fields of the dude ranch while getting a rush on life!

You get all that and more while staying at a dude ranch as part of your vacation. How could anyone say no to such a vacation? No matter how experienced you are with horses dude ranches will suit your vacation to your level of experience and willingness to try new things. is one of the proud sponsors of Double Bridle Farm.

You might become so enamored with the cowboy lifestyle while staying at a dude ranch that as soon as you get back home you'll give your real estate agent a call to see if there are any properties near dude ranches for sale that you can buy. Wherever you end up choosing to vacation we hope you have a very fun and very awesome time!

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